Drivestream Deploy and Evolve: A New Methodology for Business Intelligence
What is Oracle Business Intelligence Applications?

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) is a complete, pre-built Business Intelligence solution that can source data for analytics from any ERP system, including leading applications such as PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel and SAP, as well as home-grown ERP systems. OBIA comes with out-of-the-box BI components, including metrics, reports, and dashboards, that enable quick deployment of fully customizable and configurable Business Intelligence for the enterprise. Drivestream Business Intelligence solutions leverage the power of OBIA and combine it with our unique deployment methodology to bring BI to your business in 5 weeks!

Why do Traditional Business Intelligence Projects Fail?

Business Intelligence projects face a myriad of obstacles, including cost, complexity, and slow user adoption. BI applications are often abandoned or not utilized in their full capacity because of the challenges in providing the right data in the right format. To do this, users need to be closely involved in requirements gathering and implementation. A typical BI project can take several months during which time users lose interest or business requirements change.

Drivestream Deploy and Evolve

To mitigate challenges faced with traditional BI implementations, Drivestream has developed a new deployment methodology: a "No-Risk", "Try and Buy" approach to implement Oracle Business Intelligence Applications. Here, OBIA is hooked to an organization's ERP system in approximately 5 weeks, and users can immediately explore the full functionality of the tool with their own data. This allows users to make informed decisions on the solution, after which it is customized to specific business needs. In short, rather than waiting months, informed requirements are gathered almost immediately which enable incremental course corrections in subsequent version releases. Users are more involved in the process, thus ensuring greater usability and project success.

We term this innovative approach 'Deploy and Evolve'.

Once OBIA is deployed, and users have had a chance to try it at no risk, businesses have a number of payment options, including an innovative monthly fee model which reduces the budget barrier and brings down the overall total cost of ownership.

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 Zero to OBIA in 5 weeks!
Drivestream Deploy and Evolve: A New Methodology for Business Intelligence

 Solution Highlights
  • Risk free trial with your data
  • Monthly fee model
  • Faster time to success
  • Incremental course correction

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