We develop courses, provide white papers, and build case studies that are relevant to your specific needs. We also offer E-Learning material and provide our clients with user-names and passwords to log into the Drivestream Academy tool and launch our flash training courses at their own pace.

We offer a variety of courses such as:

New Features Review
Drivestream offers “group” versions of our initial upgrade assessment. In the new features review, you quickly learn the new features in the last several PeopleSoft releases. You will rank the features for impact to your organization on a high, medium, low or no impact by collaborating with our subject matter experts and your peers. The end output is a visualization of how the latest PeopleSoft release will transform your business.

The New Features Review addresses the most common upgrade challenge as voted on by your peers – limited understanding of the new functionality. After the session, you will have felt that a good portion of your fit-gap process is complete.

Exclusive on-site UPK Training
As opposed to sending three people to UPK training at a very high per person rate, Drivestream offers a tailored UPK training course at your site for your entire team. Our UPK specialists come to your location and work with you to determine your UPK training needs and then build a “custom” course for your team. The “course” is delivered in a 1 day training session and is followed by 1:1 reinforcement training sessions. It is a cost effective and more efficient training option.

Real World Uses of the New PeopleSoft Tools
With all of the new technologies and tools being released it can be daunting to determine how to integrate these into your application toolbox. Join us for this interactive roundtable, where you and your peers will talk about the latest and greatest tools.

How to Determine ROI for PeopleSoft HR Applications
As PeopleSoft has greatly expanded the features and functionality of their HR module, users are given options for adding new modules and expanding the breadth of their application to many new users (employees, candidates, managers, etc.). In this session, we will help you understand how to calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) for these new modules and how to make the business case that implementing these modules will improve the overall application and save you money.

eRecruit Overview
Learn how organizations can use Candidate Gateway and Talent Acquisition Manager to greatly streamline their recruiting process. In this session, you will learn the new features and functionality in the module, how it impacts your business and tips and tricks for successfully implementing it.