uc@f - Unlimited Consulting @Fixed Price.
Drivestream has uncovered a unique way of delivering unlimited consulting at a fixed price. As part of our strategic direction, we chose to focus on PeopleSoft as our primary area of service offering. This focus allowed us to build an extensive experience and a strong knowledge base. The experience we gained helped us to develop processes for managing PeopleSoft applications with utmost efficiency. This capability empowered us to move away from charging for our services by the hour by resource and pass on the efficiencies that we have built to our customers by offering "unlimited consulting at fixed price". This offering surpasses all current and traditional pricing models such as T&M projects, fixed price projects, as well as offshore delivery models offered in the market place. This unique delivery model pioneered by Drivestream is called uc@f - pronounced "u-caf" (stands for Unlimited Consulting @ Fixed Price). It provides our Customers the flexibility and the wherewithal to request PeopleSoft services for unlimited amount of support, maintenance, upgrades and additional module implementation without the burden or overhead of additional contract execution or budget revisions. uc@f pricing is FIXED and the service availability is UNLIMITED and ON-DEMAND.

What should customers expect from uc@f?
uc@f engagement model is different from the usual consulting models. Here is what customers should expect:
  • Your monthly fee will never go up irrespective of the work load. You are entitled to unlimited PeopleSoft help & support
  • Dedicated named leadership team
  • On call subject matter experts (Functional, Technical and Management)
  • Work will be prioritized by you and can be changed any number of times as per your business needs
  • Receive regular reports that shows work completion performance against SLAs
  • Regular Executive briefing on uc@f accomplishments and value gain to the organization
  • If core team assigned is completely utilized, additional resources will be added immediately for temporary periods
uc@f includes all the following services
Based on one affordable and predictable monthly rate
uc@f Project Leadership and SMEs
  • Experienced Leadership
  • Subject Matter experts on demand
  • Business Process Assessments
  • Application Walkthrough
  • Proof of Concepts
  • Project Planning
  • Upgrade assessments
uc@f Maintenance
  • 24 x7 Help Desk
  • Functional Analysis
  • Development Support
  • DBA/PS Admin Support
  • Patches, Fixes and Updates
uc@f Processes and Tools
  • Project Management
  • Methodology Management
  • Customization Management
uc@f Scalability
  • Upgrades
  • New module implementations
  • Ad-hoc projects
uc@f Training
  • On-demand and live courses via   Drivestream Academy
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