Extreme Productivity
We have successfully structured ourselves and established our company culture including our policies and career model for Extreme Productivity. Extreme Productivity is not just a philosophy amongst us, neither is it something we enforce on our staff. We are organized for it in such a way that our staff is driven and motivated to produce more.
Here’s how we changed our DNA:
  • We empower our people with Methods and Tools: The tools & processes we built empowered us to deliver solutions and complete projects with utmost speed, trimming down inefficiencies saving time and significantly increasing productivity
  • We reward our people for productivity: Number of hours clocked is no longer a measure of productivity. Instead number of service requests handled and complexity of the solution are measures of productivity
Here’s the proof of extreme productivity achieved for you:
  • We offer Unlimited Consulting @ Fixed Price: We are more efficient in our delivery than our competitors. In order to prove this, we boldly offer service models like UC@F (Unlimited Consulting at Fixed Price). In the UC@F model, the risk of time overruns has been shifted from the customer to us. So it is in our best interest to complete the task in the most efficient manner.