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The latest PeopleSoft 9.2 release is the largest PeopleSoft Enterprise release ever with extensive new features and enhancements. Given that you have made significant investments in PeopleSoft already you cannot afford to ignore this latest release.
But undertaking an upgrade project can be challenging due to the following reasons:
  • Customizations that have been already done to your applications
  • Relevance of new features to your business
  • Accurate cost and time estimates
  • Buy in of user
Drivestream's Initial Upgrade Assessment Workshop
Drivestream has completed many PeopleSoft upgrade projects and have developed mature processes and an extensive set of tools. We have developed a well-thought out Initial Upgrade Assessment (IUA) process that helps organizations overcome upgrade challenges and accurately plan for resources.
Drivestream's IUA helps deliver upgrades that meet the organization's business goals. The two-day IUA workshop will provide:
What we do? Why? Key Benefits
Module Utilization Assessment using Configuration Workbooks Understand how you currently use the system.
  Identify dormant functionality in your current version that could be utilized
Bottom Up Analysis using our Customization Analyzer Tool Identify your customizations and their impact on the upgrade
  Identify all your customizations
  Calculate the LOE to retrofit them
Top Down Analysis using New Features Cards  from your current version to 9.2 Explain new features in various versions of PeopleSoft and help you rank their value to your organization
  List of High, Medium and Low features and where to focus your time during upgrades
  Understand the upgrade value.
Project Budgeting & Planning using the Upgrade Planner Help you plan for the upgrade using plan templates, real metrics, refined methodology and past experience
  Project Cost, Scope and Timeline
  Value Proposition for the upgrade.

Customer Testimonials
"We were grappling with 2 platforms, lots of new functionality, modules and tools releases from Oracle. Through the IUA, Drivestream gave us a cohesive upgrade plan. This gave us a lot of momentum and ammunition to present to the Executive Committee to help secure funding and approvals."
- Largest independent regulator for securities firms in the US.

“We are very impressed with the whole process of the IUA workshop. The best part was being able to ask questions about the latest 9.2 release from experts. We left with a thorough understanding of the latest release and organization consensus on what we need to do for the upgrade.”
- Leading medical insurance provider

“We had to figure out a unified upgrade strategy for our offices in China, Mexico & Europe. We had 80 people participate in the IUA at Detroit and Drivestream delivered on all counts. This speaks volumes of their efficient methodology and best practices for Upgrades.”
- World's largest automobile manufacturer

“We were in a hurry to upgrade since our 3rd party support on PeopleSoft was going out of business. Drivestream gave us an upgrade plan and pricing strategy within 2 days and also performed the upgrade successfully within 4 months, well within estimated time and costs.”
- Leading cruise ship operator
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