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Complete Cloud by Drivestream​​

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About Subscription Fee

This is the amount you pay monthly for the duration of the Complete Cloud subscription.
The fee is based upon the software applications you choose, the number of employees in your organization, the duration of the subscription, the number of financial users (if you elect the ERP package) and the number of integrations (if any).
The fee includes Oracle Cloud software licenses, implementation, ongoing application maintenance, training, and support.
No. The total cost of Complete Cloud is spread out evenly over the duration of the subscription.
The fee is fixed for the duration of the contract assuming the initial factors that make up the fee have not changed. If at a future date you elect to add additional software, add additional financial users, your employee populations grow by more than XX%, or you would like additional integrations, then the fee may be adjusted accordingly
You will be invoiced for your first payment 60 days after the start of the subscription. The payment is due 30 days later.
Yes. You may elect to pay for future months in-advance of their due date (e.g. quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments.) Some customers elect to do this to avoid administering monthly payments.
Yes. After signing the subscription agreement, you have 60 days to cancel.

About Tier 1 Oracle Cloud Software

Tier 1 Cloud Software provides tremendous scale and reach, broad functionality, flexibility, advanced technology, continuous enhancements, industry specific workflows and is built on the best-in class cloud infrastructure.
Complete Cloud includes Oracle Cloud application software hosted in the Oracle Cloud.
Drivestream is an Oracle Partner and authorized reseller of Oracle Cloud and their Cloud Application software. All that is required to license Oracle Cloud and Oracle Cloud Software is included in the Complete Cloud subscription.
We offer core human resources, talent management, financials, procurement, enterprise performance management, payroll, student financial planning and student cloud.
You can learn about the feature and functionality of the software on Oracle’s website. Here are the links to Oracle Cloud Application software that is available through Complete Cloud: core human resources, talent management, financials, procurement, enterprise performance management, payroll, student financial planning, and student cloud.

About All Services

Complete Cloud by Drivestream delivers everything you need to install, operate, and maintain Oracle Cloud application software for the life of the subscription.
Implementation includes gathering requirements & completing the design, the setup of the applications, loading data, application reviews, comprehensive testing, and Training & Deployment. For data migration we assist with data extraction from existing system, assist with data transformation to Oracle Cloud application format and loading and reconciliation to Oracle Cloud application.
Our business process and technical experts will provide ongoing support for the life of the subscription. This includes:

Application Management Support

  • Troubleshooting and Break fix
  • Application Configuration Changes
  • Quarterly updates regression testing and deployment
  • Periodic Business Activities Support (e.g. Open Enrollment, Performance Cycles)
  • Up to 900 hours/quarter across all modules

Production Support and Maintenance

  • Triage and resolve issues where the system is not functioning per the implemented requirements
  • Resolve application issues related to configuration – setup, security roles, workflows, notifications
  • Resolve issues related to integrations and reports
  • Research functional questions
  • Log Oracle Service Requests (SRs) on client’s behalf of and follow up with Oracle through resolution

Strategy and Advisory (Quarterly)

Application Update

  • Advise on strategies for application update testing
  • Advise on environment management strategy for update testing
  • Resolve issues identified during update process
  • Research new functionality included in application update

Changes to Business

  • Assess and assist with the application setup to meet changing business requirements scenarios
  • Provide additional training for core IT and Business SME personnel including one-on-one sessions
  • Assist development of new integrations and reports
  • Mergers and acquisitions impact assessment and application strategy
  • Geographical expansion in new countries, states and provinces impact assessment and application strategy

Periodic Business Activities

  • Payroll year end activities (related to payroll balances and W2 generation)
  • Financial periodic close (monthly, quarterly, annual)
  • Annual financial review and planning
  • Annual employee goal setting and performance review
  • Annual employee compensation review
  • Annual employee benefits enrollment
You will be assigned an account manager who will be your primary point of contact. The account manager is responsible to ensure you are receiving the support you seek.
You contact Drivestream. Drivestream logs service requests with Oracle and follow up on your behalf continuously through resolution.

About 60 Day No Risk Trial with Your Data

You have 60 days to experience Complete Cloud. If you are not satisfied you may cancel the subscription. No reason required.
In the first sixty days of the subscription we will work with you to collect and import your data into the applications. We will then deploy the applications with standard core business processes and your data. You will gain access to the applications so you can see your data in action.
During the trial period we will work with you to define limited data sets you would like loaded into the applications and agree upon “out of the box” functionality to enable so that you have the opportunity to see the software in action. After day 60, we then will load all your data and set up the system to specifications to achieve full functionality.
We remove the data from the applications, shred it making it indecipherable.
Notify us any time before day 60 that you would like to cancel your subscription.
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