Tier 1 Oracle Cloud Software​

Tier 1 Cloud Software provides tremendous scale and reach, broad functionality, flexibility, advanced technology, continuous enhancements, industry specific workflows and is built on the best-in class cloud infrastructure. The same cannot be said for Tier 2 & Tier 3 software. Many are niche solutions, that don’t offer broad functionality and often require additional integrations to meet your changing needs. Which creates greater cost and complexity to maintain. They are often slow to apply new technology making it difficult to for them to adapt quickly to your needs.

Innovation & Scale

For more than four decades, Oracle has delivered innovation upon which entire industries have been built. Oracle Cloud Applications are built on best-in class cloud infrastructure, that shares a common data structure, utilizes a unified architecture, delivers the most current technology (i.e. artificial intelligence, analytics and mobile) and is grounded in best in class business processes that have been perfected over four decades.

The applications are the most complete suite of applications in the market. With a focus on-customer first, your business can benefit from the best technology, modern UX design and fast innovation to keep you ahead of what is next.

Industry Leader

Gartner Named Oracle (Oracle ERP Cloud) a Magic Quadrant Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites for Midsize, Large and Global Enterprises. Oracle earned this leadership position due to their ability to execute and their completeness of vision.

Forrester recognized Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Human Capital Management Suites, Q2 2020 report. In evaluating Oracle’s HCM suite, the

Forrester report notes, “Oracle Cloud HCM proves that long-term strategies and leadership pay off. Following more than a decade of sustained development, which included major investments in user experience design and the acquisition of Taleo (2012), Oracle Cloud HCM now provides a comprehensive, sophisticated HCM suite.”

Your choice of cloud applications has a direct impact on your business agility, resilience, reliability and future growth. In an uncertain world, your most precious asset is your power to choose and shape your own future. Now is exactly the right time to be productive and create what’s next. Oracle Cloud Applications is your best option if you want your organization to thrive now and into the future ahead of what is next.

No Upfront Implementation Costs​

Drivestream covers the large upfront costs for configuration and deployment & warrants our work for the life of the subscription. This means we invest in the contract by taking on a large financial risk in the beginning of the project and earn back our investment over time. You benefit from this approach because we are contractually obligated and financially incented to provide you with support for the life of the subscription. We are literally financially invested in your successful implementation and use of the Oracle Application Software. This is a relationship you will not find with any other systems integrator in the industry.

Optimized Cash Flow​

In traditional systems integration projects, the customer is required to pay 50% of the total cost of ownership of the system within the first six to nine months of the initiation of the project. With Complete Cloud you make your first payment approximately 90 days after subscribing. The payment amount is a fraction of the actual costs incurred to implement the system. And since the payment terms is a fixed predictable monthly fee, this means you spread your payments for the system over the life of the subscription. There is no large upfront cash outflow which provides you the opportunity to optimize your use of cash.

Risk Free – Try It With Your Data​

You have 60 days to experience Complete Cloud. If you are not satisfied you may cancel. That is correct, you may cancel without making a single payment. In the first sixty days of the subscription we will work with you to collect and import your data into the applications. We will then deploy the applications with standard core business processes and your data. You will gain access to the applications so you can see your data in action. During this time period if you decide that you do not want to proceed, then you may cancel by notifying us before day 60. You owe nothing having never made a payment. If you choose to proceed then we continue with the implementation and deployment of the system.

It’s Efficient

The traditional approach for purchasing enterprise software applications is to license the software from the manufacturer, hire a systems integrator to migrate data, configure the application, test the system, deploy and train employees. Then in many cases another company is hired to provide application management services. As time progresses, you may bring back a systems integrator to modify the software to adapt to your changing business. That results in your company needing to coordinate with many people and across numerous companies. It will get complicated quickly. With Complete Cloud by Drivestream we provide all these services to you. You deal with one company, that understands your needs and your system for the life of the subscription. This approach makes enterprise application ownership very efficient for your organization.

Unlimited Ongoing Services​

Organizations often underestimate how many resources are required to purchase, install, maintain, train employees, modify and upgrade their enterprise applications over the life of the license. Drivestream’s Complete Cloud addresses the challenges and uncertainty of enterprise application ownership so you can focus on what you do best—driving your company forward.

Complete Cloud by Drivestream delivers everything you need to install, operate and maintain Oracle Cloud HCM & ERP software for the life of the subscription. Unlike traditional licensing and system integration projects, where the systems integrator installs the applications and leaves. A Complete Cloud subscription by Drivestream completes the installation and provides ongoing services for the entire life of the subscription. Complete Cloud services include:

Oracle Cloud ERP & HCM Software Subscriptions

Drivestream is an Oracle Partner and authorized reseller of Oracle Cloud and their Cloud Application software. All that is required to license Oracle Cloud and Oracle Cloud Software is included in the Complete Cloud subscription.

Cloud Implementation Services

Drivestream’s expert cloud implementation team will execute your cloud transformation strategy. Through each step of the cloud implementation process, we will be there to help you transform your company with the Oracle Cloud applications. Implementation services includes:


  • Requirements & Design
  • Setup Application and Load Data
  • Application Reviews and Comprehensive Testing
  • Training & Deployment

Data Migration

  • Assist with Data Extraction from existing System
  • Assist with Data Transformation to Oracle Cloud application format
  • Loading and Reconciliation to Oracle Cloud application

Ongoing Support Services

Our business process and technical experts will provide ongoing support for the life of the subscription. This includes:

Maintenance, Upgrades & Break-fix

  • Production Support & Break-fix
  • Functional & Technical Support
  • Application Upgrade Support
  • Build New Interfaces to Other Systems
  • New Configurations/Customizations
  • Security & Workflow Support
  • Support for Company and Employee Growth
  • Train the Trainer

Periodic Events Management & Support

  • Month, Quarter & Year End Close
  • Annual/Periodic Budget Functions
  • Annual Audit Functions
  • Taxation – Changes or Extensions
  • Performance Review Cycle
  • Benefits Open Enrollment
  • Payroll Year End
  • Payroll Tax Changes

Strategy and Advisory

  • Assess and assist with the application setup to meet changing business requirements and scenarios
  • Provide additional training for core IT & Business SME personnel including one-on-one sessions
  • Assist development of new integrations and reports

Payroll Compliance Services

If you use Oracle Cloud Payroll, we provide the following payroll compliance services:

  • Employment Tax (periodic & quarterly)
  • Year end W2 processing
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