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Complete Automation of Your HR and Financial Processes.

Modernize your HR and Finance processes for enhanced efficiency and accelerated performance with Complete Cloud – a proprietary cloud solution from Drivestream that offers enterprise grade Oracle Cloud Applications at an all-inclusive, fixed monthly price. The end-to-end cloud solution includes software, implementation, support and business process services for a fixed per-employee-per-month price.
It’s not just cloud software. It’s a Complete Cloud experience.

Transform Your Business with the Cloud.


Human Resources








Planning & Budgeting

We had a lot of data integrity issues… My team alone was spending hours of time each week on updating all of these different systems for one change… After going live with the [cloud] system, it’s just like night and day different…These days, if somebody changes jobs, we enter the change one time into the system and it literally takes thirty seconds.

Lisa Ryan
VP Director of HR, LCS

Revolutionize HR with A Global Single Instance.

Gain operational excellence and increase agility with streamlined global access that aligns common HR processes while supporting local compliance and process needs across multiple geographies.

Core HR
Manage personal and employment information globally for organizations large and small

Easily access information and analyze workers’ skills

Workforce Directory
A complete view of your organization and place to connect with people

Support and maintain local operations for more than 200 countries and territories

Design and deliver tailored compensation programs for global and local organizations

Tailor your global benefits solution from simple to highly complex plans

Streamline cloud payroll administration—comply with local taxation and payroll rules locally and globally

Sales Compensation
Manage variable sales compensation plans for complex sales organizations

My Volunteering
Engage in company volunteer projects

My Reputation
Analyze social influence within your workforce

My Wellness
Promote a healthier work-life balance

Time Management
Track, monitor, and increase accuracy of time reporting

Absence Administration
Implement absence and leave policies globally or locally

Project Management
Align skills and experience levels that leverage your global resource pool, yet optimize staffing utilization and strategies

Workforce Predictions
Forecast performance to more accurately predict outcomes and lead to better decision-making.

Enhance Workforce Effectiveness
Leverage key modules to enhance workforce effectiveness through Career Development, Goals Management, Performance Management, Talent Review, Succession Plans, and more

Workforce Modeling
Plan, model, and deliver optimized, large-scale organizational changes faster and with greater certainty


Simplify Payroll Processing and Compliance.

Effortlessly execute all payroll and compliance tasks with comprehensive data and process management services for paycheck, tax, payment, reporting and time & labor.

  • Data Capture
  • Storage and Updating of Payroll Data
  • Paycheck Calculation
  • Tax Calculation
  • Report Generation
  • Remittance Preparation and Submittal
  • Check Signing
  • Sealing and Distribution
  • Check Signing, Printing, sealing services
  • Pay-Cards
  • W-2, W-3, 1099 Processing & Filing for Client Employees and Independent Contractors
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Third Party Court-Ordered Payment
  • Time Management
  • Labor Tracking
  • Time Data Collection
  • Labor Analytics
  • Withholding taxes
  • Making timely deposits of tax payments
  • Filing the necessary payroll tax forms with federal, state, and local government agencies
Available for Automated Clearing House (ACH) financial institutions for recipients of a given pay cycle’s net or partial pay.
  • Real-time analysis for operational efficiency
  • Payroll embedded analytics for improved strategic insight

Empower Your Finance With an Integrated Suite.

Modernize your finance with the most comprehensive integrated and scalable cloud financial management solution available. From superior visualization capabilities to simplified cash management, Oracle Financials Cloud offers a range of distinctive features and extensive support for a wide variety of industries.

Multi-Dimensional Reporting Platform
Analyze account balances by any dimension real-time

Self-Service Reporting
Monitor and address your top concerns with mobile capabilities

Collaborative Close
Better visibility with a collaborative close process

Visualization Capabilities
Interact with account balances and view them from different perspectives

Invoices and Payments
Control supplier balances, invoices, and payments

Integrated Imaging
Automated imaging with OCR reduces errors

Track and account fixed assets

Cash Management
Manage bank accounts, cash positions, and cash forecasts

Manage customer data centrally

Customer Invoices and Payments
Create customer invoices, and receive and apply customer payments

Balance and Revenue Management
Manage customer balances and recognize revenue

Configuration, Pricing, and Quoting to Cash
Manage the entire quote to order to cash process

Create and submit expense reports easily

Policy Controls
Enforce expense management controls with approvals and audits

Mobile Expenses
Enter expenses on the go

Project and Travel Integration
Improve business processes with integration to Project Financials and GetThere


Energize Procurement with Automation.

Streamline your source-to-pay process through automation and social collaboration. Leverage enhanced visibility and improved insight to cut costs and achieve higher margins.

Improve requirements gathering, document sharing, and negotiation effectiveness with sourcing teams and Oracle Social Network

Simplify your negotiation activities with intuitive tools and a modern user experience

Gain insight into spend opportunities and maximize negotiated savings

Enforce business policies using pre-approved clause libraries, contract templates, and guided contract creation

Improve Visibility
Leverage a secure and searchable contract repository, automate renewals, and capture amendments and addendums with a complete contract audit history

Ensure Compliance
Identify deviations from standards, highlight contract risks, enforce document approvals, and capture electronic signatures

Streamline Processes
Automate requisition through invoice matching and payment, and shift your organizational focus towards more strategic activities

Simplify Shopping
Help your employees to quickly find the goods and services they need with a familiar consumer buying experience

Enforce Negotiated Pricing
Ensure your negotiated pricing and terms are automatically leveraged to realize maximum savings

Manage Qualifications
Qualify and assess suppliers to support supplier programs, compliance, and negotiation award decisions

Improve Information Accuracy
Capture timely updates to supplier information and proactively respond when changes might affect supplier qualifications, capabilities, or risk

Enable Supplier Collaboration
Give suppliers the insight they need. Allow them to share documents and commentary, and let them transact electronically with minimal training


Plan for Success with Intuitive Data.

Plan with intent and forecast with accuracy. Leverage instant feedback, advanced scenario modelling, flexible workflows and intuitive interfaces to map your data-driven path to success.

Decision-Oriented Plans with Instant Feedback Loop
Meet the objectives of your business by creating goal-oriented driver based plans, reports and dashboards. Get an immediate sense of the state of your business plans using slick easy to create dashboards and reports that are instantaneously refreshed using in-memory calculations and fast aggregations.

What-If Modeling and Sandbox
Plan and forecast for complex business what-if scenarios by using ad-hoc scenario modeling, sandbox, and predictive features. Create multiple what-if versions and slice and dice data based on various what-if assumptions and create instant reports and PowerPoint slides.

Flexible Workflow and Process Management
Collaborate across the enterprise or with specific groups of users using data-driven, dynamic approvals powered by a state of the art workflow process.

Engage in threaded commentary and append documents to add color and substance to your numbers. Expand your numbers with on-the-fly line item detail to further elaborate your plan numbers.

Concurrency in Usage
Define planning models for your specific line of business or create unified models for the company as a whole. Collaborate across regions and groups of users using concurrent data updates and instant reporting.

Role-Based, Intuitive User Interface
Plan using a modern, mobile, friendly, intuitive web interface, or use the familiar Excel interface.

Role-Based Navigation Flows
Create navigation flows that are tailored for groups of users based on their usage needs. Sales planners, expense planners, financial analysts, executives etc. each can have their own navigation flows.

Microsoft Office Interface
Plan and model within the familiar Microsoft Office interface and leverage the built-in integration to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. Create input templates within Excel using excel formulas and formats.

External Integration
Connect to the external Cloud, Oracle Cloud, or with on-premise solutions using built-in automation tools or open interface web service capabilities. Import data from various sources including spreadsheets.

Oracle Cloud ERP Systems and Hybrid On-Premise Deployment
Take advantage of out of box integrations with Oracle ERP Cloud or leverage existing on premise Hyperion investments to deploy Planning Cloud as a hybrid solution.