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Prepare for infinite iterations of this question. Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and disruptive innovation is the catalyst of this age. The future is leaner, faster, connected, mobile and driven by accelerated change. Is your business ecosystem ready for it?

In the digital era, data is ubiquitous. It is the lifeblood coursing through organizations great and small. Whether you are looking to gain a competitive edge, bolster business strategy with actionable insights, make quick edits to employee records or build meaningful relationships with customers, there is a staggering amount of data to reckon with.

Many businesses have responded to this challenge with a tools approach – a major investment in various best-in-class data management applications that cater to specific functional needs. But this is fraught with difficulties: managing data across disparate systems is expensive, laborious and time-consuming – and delivers results that are often too slow or ambiguous to be relevant.

With radical advancements in cloud technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation, the tools approach is being retired in favor of an ecosystem approach – a single unified platform that delivers accurate data and meaningful insights at a fraction of the cost of on-premise applications – while saving hundreds of man-hours. In moving from a digital scaffolding to a digital core, businesses are empowered by cutting-edge technology that is accessible, affordable and optimized to precisely serve their needs.

Accelerated Digital Transformation.

Strategy and Advisory.

Drivestream’s strategy and advisory services help assess your cloud readiness and demystify the cloud transition. Our precisely crafted tools like the TCO calculator and the Cloud Migration Assessment (CMA) offer a strategic ring-side view of a cloud implementation. These allow you to accurately determine costs, savings and fitment, helping you understand exactly what it takes to make the cloud leap – while aiding you in making a strong business case for the transition.

The TCO Calculator is a powerful tool that calculates the reduction in Total Cost of Ownership if you migrate your current applications to the Cloud. Using real-world client data, the TCO Calculator provides a clear picture of your estimated savings in easy-to-understand terms, giving you a precise view of the Cloud transition.

Key questions answered:

  • What is the impact on my Total Cost of Ownership?
  • What is the Cloud’s financial value proposition?

Estimated TCO reduction by years 4 to 5: ~50%
Five-year cumulative savings: Approx. $3,294,082

The CMA is a collaborative workshop involving senior stakeholders across business units where we learn about your business, analyze your customizations, look at your infrastructure, and understand your staffing needs.

Key questions answered:

  • Will the Cloud be a fit for my company?
  • Which of my business functions should move to the Cloud and which should stay On-Premise?
  • What about our customizations? How will gaps be addressed?
  • What will be our roadmap and roll-out plan? Should we move all at once or in phases?
  • How do I justify my project and budget?
  • How will my organization handle change management and business transformation issues?
  • Can my people support the Cloud?
  • How do I evaluate and hire an implementation partner?

The CMA then takes you through layered steps to cloud clarity including intensive explorations of cloud operations, functional architecture, technical architecture and roadmap development.
At the end of the assessment, we have mapped all key business processes – including customizations and integrations – and present you with a cost saving, limited-risk path for your journey to the Cloud.

Cloud Migration.

Does your SaaS investment give you Silos as a Service? It’s time to make the cloud leap.

Oracle Integration Cloud Service.

Say hello to intelligent integration. Critical business processes that are the building blocks of any enterprise – Human Resources, ERP, Financial Management and Accounting, Supply Chain, Sales and Customer Experience – are all candidates for cloud migration. On a single unified platform with powerful real-time capabilities and advanced analytics, they will be seamlessly connected and highly interoperable – rendering complex, voluminous data both user-friendly and useful.

But what about your customizations?

The unique needs of your business model need not be sacrificed in order to navigate a best-of-breed vs. standardization dichotomy. We don’t believe in dichotomies. We prefer the duality of SaaS and PaaS.

With Oracle, you get to harness state of the art technology in every form: comprehensively built Cloud applications, pre-built integration flows for SaaS and on-premise applications, visual application development tools for DIY mobile and web apps, low-code and no-code workflows and AI-enhanced automation – all with easy data mashup across the board.


Revolutionize HR with a Global Single Instance.
Gain operational excellence and increase agility with streamlined global access that aligns common HR processes while supporting local compliance and process needs across multiple geographies.

Simplify Payroll Processing and Compliance.
Effortlessly execute all payroll and compliance tasks with comprehensive data and process management services for paycheck, tax, payment, reporting and time & labor.
Empower Your Finance With an Integrated Suite.
Modernize your finance with the most comprehensive integrated and scalable cloud financial management solution available. From superior visualization capabilities to simplified cash management, Oracle Financials Cloud offers a range of distinctive features and extensive support for a wide variety of industries.
Energize Procurement with Automation.
Streamline your source-to-pay process through automation and social collaboration. Leverage enhanced visibility and improved insight to cut costs and achieve higher margins.
Plan for Success with Intuitive Data.
Plan with intent and forecast with accuracy. Leverage instant feedback, advanced scenario modelling, flexible workflows and intuitive interfaces to map your data-driven path to success.

For more information, please visit our Complete Cloud Microsite.


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We had a lot of data integrity issues… My team alone was spending hours of time each week on updating all of these different systems for one change… After going live with the [cloud] system, it’s just like night and day different…These days, if somebody changes jobs, we enter the change one time into the system and it literally takes thirty seconds.

Lisa Ryan
VP Director of HR, LCS