Welcome to the Implementation & Support Portal

This exclusive portal provides you with resources to assist you in your set-up, implementation and ongoing support for the life of your subscription.

What is the Implementation & Support Portal?

As a member of the HESS Consortium, Oracle & Drivestream Partnership, you have exclusive access to online content to support you through the lifecycle of your Oracle Cloud Application Subscriptions. This is in addition to the direct support you receive from Drivestream.

What is included in the Portal?

You have exclusive access to:

  • Planning Documents
  • Methodology & Tools
  • Training Materials
  • Lessons Learned
  • Updates on New Features
  • Webinars

How do I gain access to the Portal?

After subscribing to the Cloud Applications and Cloud Services your organization will be authorized to access the Portal. You will appoint an administrator and they will authorize individuals in your organization to gain access. Your organization will continue to have access for the duration of your subscription.

How do I use the Portal?

Through the navigation menu you will be directed to content organized by subject. Here you will be able to review charts, videos and reports online. In some cases, the content will be available for download. There are no limits on how much content you access or how often you visit the portal.

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