Recently, the southern Indian state of Kerala was overcome by cataclysmic floods of a scale not seen in a century. In a historic first, thirty-five of the state’s dams had to be opened, adding to the devastation cause by incessant rains. Over 322 people have died, and hundreds of thousands have had their homes and livelihoods destroyed by the deluge. The damage to the state’s infrastructure has been unprecedented. As the people of Kerala begin to take their first steps on the arduous road to recovery, Drivestream stands in solidarity with them.

Kerala Flood

Our employees swung into action as soon as news of the disaster broke, and began a voluntary contribution drive towards relief and rehabilitation efforts. Drivestream matched employee contributions rupee for rupee, and a total sum of Rs.7,30,198 ($10,442.56) was collected across India and the US. The amount was then donated to the Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund.

We hope to see our neighbouring state back on its feet at the earliest, and stand ready to offer any further assistance as needed.

If you would like to contribute towards the state’s official relief fund, please visit the following link: