Cloud Story: Buckeye Power.


Buckeye Power, Inc. (BPI) is Ohio’s generation and transmission cooperative, providing reliable, affordable electricity to member co-ops, who then distribute it to nearly 400,000 homes and businesses in the state of Ohio.

Buckeye Power owns a diverse portfolio of base load and peaking facilities, outfitted with best-in-class environmental controls. BPI is also committed to researching and investing in economically sustainable sources of renewable power.

Drivestream worked with Buckeye Power to create a cutting-edge Human Resource and Talent Acquisition ecosystem. Drivestream provided crucial support to Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives during a critical, complex and time-sensitive merger of the Cardinal plant. The implementation was unique as the existing legal entities (Buckeye and OREC) were transitioning from a paper-based process while the Cardinal operating company was transitioning from PeopleSoft to Cloud.

Industry: Energy and Utility
Location: North America