Cloud Story: ATCO.

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ATCO Group are a C$21 billion enterprise with 7000 employees worldwide in diverse industries such as gas, electricity, pipelines, liquids, energy and construction.

ATCO realized that in order to remain an industry leader, they had to embark on a transformative journey to simplify and standardize their processes while also creating an efficient shared-services model. But being a transnational entity of their size meant that global ambitions had to be reckoned with local particularities – from legal and process constraints to cross-cultural change management.

Drivestream partnered with ATCO to catalyze a one of a kind, built-for-scale transformation that saw a global deployment of the Oracle Cloud Suite. With granular planning, rigorous mapping and robust change management techniques, Drivestream helped ATCO achieve their One ATCO vision, enabling them to leverage synergies, reduce costs and improve customer service at scale.

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Wipro Limited (NYSE:WIT) is a minority investor in Drivestream.
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