Automated Testing Subscription Service

Built Exclusively for Oracle Fusion Cloud
HCM & ERP Applications

Best In Class: Fast, Informed, and Cost Effective

An automated testing platform developed by experts with Oracle HCM & ERP domain & functional knowledge. Powered by Selenium. A service that removes the pain from application testing, while delivering high quality results

Features: Automate, Accelerate, & Accurate

  • Fully automated
  • Utilizes over 900 pre-built testing scripts
  • Regression tests unique to Oracle environment
  • 100% test coverage
  • Remote delivery
  • Scalable – grows as you add modules

Benefits: Reliable, Proactive, & Timely

  • Testing on demand
  • Aligned with Oracle releases
  • Defect free releases
  • Reduce burden on ops team
  • We resolve issues with Oracle on your behalf
  • A scalable platform that grows with your company
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