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Complete Cloud Referral Partners introduce Drivestream to targeted companies that are searching for customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that will serve their needs today and, in the future.

What is Complete Cloud?

Complete Cloud by Drivestream is an industry first all-inclusive subscription that comprises Oracle Cloud HCM & ERP applications, implementation, ongoing maintenance, training and support for predictable fixed monthly fee.

Customers have 60 days to experience Complete Cloud services and cancel the contract if they are not satisfied.

Benefits to Partners

Revenue: Earn a percentage of the first year’s gross revenue of the Complete Cloud Subscription

Oracle: Association with the world’s leading provider of HCM & ERP software

Promotional Materials: Access to co-branded marketing materials, whitepapers, and webinars

Minimal Participation: Drivestream handles all aspects of selling, contracting, and implementing the Complete Cloud Subscription

No Costs: There are no costs to participate in the program and no ongoing membership requirements

Benefits to Customers

Oracle Cloud Applications: Market leading scalable enterprise grade applications suite that meets their needs today and, in the future

Unlimited Ongoing Services: All the support needed for better user adoption & faster return on investment. Continuous system enhancements at zero additional costs

No Upfront Implementation Costs: Implementation costs spread over the life of the contract

Optimized Cash Flow: A fixed monthly subscription. No upfront cash requirements

Risk Free: Experience Complete Cloud for 60 days with option to cancel

Reduced Operational Risk: Deal with one company for the entire life of the subscription. Work is warranted for the life of the subscription

How Does the Complete Cloud Referral Partner Program Work?

The program is easy to participate in and at the same time your referrals receive great value from this innovative offer.

Step 1: Sign up for the program and we will send you a Referral Partner Agreement* for your organization to join the program.

Step 2: Once enrolled we set up a time to review with your organization the Referral Partner Portal that contains Sales, Marketing, and Training materials as well as the procedures for registering a referral.

Step 3: Register a referral and arrange an introduction with a decision maker from the referral organization to the Drivestream point of contact.

Step 4: Drivestream pursues the sales opportunity through completion.

Step 5: You receive your referral fee 30 days after Drivestream collects payment from the customer.

Join the Complete Cloud Referral Program Today

Organizations often underestimate how many resources are required to purchase, install, maintain, train employees, modify and upgrade their enterprise applications over the life of the subscription. Drivestream’s Complete Cloud addresses the challenges and uncertainty of enterprise application ownership so that organizations can focus on what they do best-driving their company forward.

Join our program today so your referrals can realize the benefits that only Complete Cloud offers.

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* The terms and conditions governing the participation in the Complete Cloud Referral Program is contained the Referral Partner Agreement.