Oracle Cloud Services Subscription

All-Inclusive Plan

Introducing the All-inclusive Cloud Services Subscription by Drivestream​

No Upfront Implementation Costs
Unlimited Ongoing Services
Optimized Cash Flow

A Refreshing Alternative for Enterprise Application Service Contracts

What are the benefits of the Cloud Services Subscription Plan?​

No Upfront Implementation Costs: As an invested partner, we implement for free, in return for a 5-year application management services contract.

Unlimited Ongoing Support: All the support you need for better user adoption and faster return on investment. We continuously enhance your systems at zero additional costs.

Optimized Cash Flow: A fixed monthly subscription for all Oracle services. No upfront cash requirements.

Reduced Operational Risk: You work with one service provider for the entire life of the subscription.

How Does the Cloud Services Subscription Plan Work?

Sign Up: Purchase Cloud Application Licenses from Oracle and purchase Cloud Services Subscription Plan from Drivestream.

Deploy: Work with Drivestream to setup, configure and deploy the applications.

Evolve: We help users adapt by continuously evolving the applications to best fit their needs for the duration of the subscription.

What Is Included In the Cloud Services Subscription Plan?​

Cloud Services Subscription by Drivestream delivers everything you need to install, operate and maintain Oracle Cloud software for the life of the subscription. Unlike traditional licensing and system integration projects, where the systems integrator installs the applications and leaves. A Cloud Services Subscription completes the installation and provides ongoing services for the entire life of the subscription. Cloud Services Subscription include:

Cloud Implementation Services

Drivestream’s expert cloud implementation team will execute your cloud transformation strategy. Through each step of the cloud implementation process, we will be there to help you transform your company with the Oracle Cloud applications. Implementation services includes:


  • Requirements & Design
  • Setup Application and Load Data
  • Application Reviews and Comprehensive Testing
  • Training & Deployment

Data Migration

  • Assist with Data Extraction from existing System
  • Assist with Data Transformation to Oracle Cloud application format
  • Loading and Reconciliation to Oracle Cloud application

Ongoing Support Services

Our business process and technical experts will provide ongoing support for the life of the subscription. This includes:

Application Management Support

  • Troubleshooting and Break fix
  • Application Configuration Changes
  • Quarterly updates regression testing and deployment
  • Periodic Business Activities Support (e.g. Open Enrollment, Performance Cycles)
  • Up to 900 hours/quarter across all modules

Production Support and Maintenance

  • Triage and resolve issues where the system is not functioning per the implemented requirements
  • Resolve application issues related to configuration – setup, security roles, workflows, notifications
  • Resolve issues related to integrations and reports
  • Research functional questions
  • Log Oracle Service Requests (SRs) on client’s behalf of and follow up with Oracle through resolution

Strategy and Advisory (Quarterly)

Application Update

  • Advise on strategies for application update testing
  • Advise on environment management strategy for update testing
  • Resolve issues identified during update process
  • Research new functionality included in application update

Changes to Business

  • Assess and assist with the application setup to meet changing business requirements scenarios
  • Provide additional training for core IT and Business SME personnel including one-on-one sessions
  • Assist development of new integrations and reports
  • Mergers and acquisitions impact assessment and application strategy
  • Geographical expansion in new countries, states and provinces impact assessment and application strategy

Periodic Business Activities

  • Payroll year end activities (related to payroll balances and W2 generation)
  • Financial periodic close (monthly, quarterly, annual)
  • Annual financial review and planning
  • Annual employee goal setting and performance review
  • Annual employee compensation review
  • Annual employee benefits enrollment

Payroll Compliance Services

If you use Oracle Cloud Payroll, we provide the following payroll compliance services:

  • Employment Tax (periodic & quarterly)
  • Year end W2 processing
  • Employment and income verification
  • Wage payments (check printing)
  • Garnishment Disbursements