Strategy & Advisory Solutions

Three Proprietary Solutions Designed
To Support Your Digital Transformation

Cloud Transformation Assessment

Cloud Transformation Assessment (CTA) is a collaborative workshop that helps organizations clarify their strategy, identify business value, and lay out a roadmap for migrating to Oracle cloud applications.

A strong cloud migration strategy enables organizations to achieve significant operational and functional performance improvements. Many organizations are faced with obsolete technology and applications that have limited features, high maintenance costs, and poor security that creates the need for a digital transformation.

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Health Check Assessment

Health Check is an advisory engagement where we work with the client to assess current applications to help them achieve the objectives that were originally set and to earn a better ROI from the prior implementation.​

Based on our deep experience, Drivestream has developed a comprehensive ‘Health-check Assessment” approach and methodology to analyze the current state and recommend action items to enhance the usage of application​s.

Drivestream’s approach is to partner with the client and collaboratively go through “Health-check Assessment.”​ On average, the assessment takes approximately 4 weeks and when completed the client receives a written evaluation that assesses the current environment and provides improvement suggestions.

Back on Track Assessment

Sometimes implementation projects do not go as planned and we are invited to a project that is already underway and to intervene to help with recovering a project and get it Back-on-Track​.

Based on our deep implementation experience, Drivestream has developed a Project “Back-on-Track” approach and methodology to step-in and rapidly get caught-up with a project and bring it back on track.​

Drivestream’s approach is to partner with the existing project team and collaboratively go through the “Back-on-Track” Health Assessment.​ We document our findings and work with the client to develop a plan to move forward.