Drivestream Company
The Drivestream Story
The Drivestream name is synonymous with the spirit and drive of our founder Gopal D. Krishna. Gopal started his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 21. Armed only with ambition and a bank loan, he entered into the world of capitalism in 1991. His first venture did not go too far, but the experience taught him valuable lessons that paved the way for his future ventures.

Gopal spent the next 10 years working in the industry, and established a reputation of being a thought leader and a successful management consultant. But despite his personal career progression, he realized that good consulting was not just about the knowledge one has, but about how to creatively use this knowledge to deliver consistent results for the customer. His entrepreneurial instincts helped him see a great opportunity to build a next-generation consulting company that would break the mold of traditional thought processes in the industry. This set the stage for the founding of Drivestream in 2002.

Since its inception, Drivestream continues to challenge conventional practices by finding innovative ways to deliver valuable services to its customers. UC@F, the industry’s first “Unlimited Consulting at a Fixed Price” delivery model is a testimony to this radical thinking.

Evolution of Drivestream
  • 2001: Drive Consulting was founded in Chantilly, VA.
  • 2002: Drive Consulting establishes first corporate office in Reston VA
    Drive Consulting opens off-shore office in Chennai, India
  • 2003: Drive Consulting rebranded as Drivestream Inc
  • 2004: Drivestream rolls out Drive Method and Stream Delivery framework
  • 2005: Drivestream launches IUA (Initial Upgrade Assessment) process for PeopleSoft
  • 2006: Drivestream expands India Operations to a cutting age IT facility in Chennai, India
  • 2009: Drivestream unveils UC@F delivery model – “Unlimited Consulting at Fixed Price”
  • 2010: Drivestream acquired Stratum Inc., a Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence consulting firm based in Virginia.