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Drivestream US has partnered with Loudoun Interfaith Relief ( as an Industry and Community Partner. Loudoun Interfaith Relief was founded in 1991 by a group of dedicated volunteers from a particular area, who realized that the hunger needs of the community were not being met.

These volunteers were united by a commitment to offer support and solutions to several groups of people:
(1) the working poor whose income is insufficient to cover basic necessities,
(2) the unemployed,
(3) the senior or the sick who cannot compete in the workplace, and
(4) the homeless who have no income and cannot afford a roof over their head.

As the population of Loudoun County has increased, so has the number of individuals falling below the poverty line. This past year, Loudoun Interfaith Relief directly served over 16,000 families through its food pantry efforts. Their mission is simple: Feed the hungry by providing emergency food assistance to any person or family in need who lives in Loudoun County.

LIR provides food to prepare three nutritionally-balanced meals for three days. As a non-profit, they depend on the generosity of the community to make food and monetary donations. They would not have been able to operate without the support they receive from volunteers like Drivestream. We have made a commitment to them to provide resources for their food warehouse and their events. We will also manage various food drives within our company.

We feel very fortunate to be in a position where we can give back to our community. We have created an atmosphere of giving back through our company policies and programs and encourage all our employees to embrace charity as part of their daily lives.