HESS Consortium Collective Common Cloud Platform

Oracle Cloud for Higher Education​

HESS Collective selects drivestream to deliver cost-effective implementation, training & support​

After 14 months of discussion, application demonstrations and negotiations, CIOs from a group of 33 HESS Consortium member institutions- the HESS Consortium ERP/SIS Collective – has chosen Oracle Cloud for Higher Education as its new, common cloud-native ERP/SIS platform.  Drivestream has been selected to provide the implementation, training & support of the platform for the HESS Collective members.

What are the benefits of HESS Consortium Collective Decision?

Modern product functionality in Finance, Human Resources, Financial Aid and SIS

Initial and long-term affordability

The ability to partner with the HESS Collective community in its vision to create a support and resource network for participating HESS Consortium member institutions

To learn more read the ebook published by HESS Consortium that provides you a full view of the program.

What is the HESS Consortium Collective?​

The HESS Collective is made up of private, non-profit HESS Consortium institutions working to create a shared ERP services operation for private institutions.

The Drivestream Difference​

Since the advent of Oracle Cloud in 2012, we have helped 190+ clients in higher education and other industries successfully make the transition to modern cloud applications.​​

We provide our higher education clients with prebuilt tools, templates, and accelerators, that allow us to increase the speed, improve the quality, and reduce the risk associated with an Oracle Cloud deployment. ​

We are 100% focused on Oracle Cloud applications. Unlike other system integrators that provide services for multiple application vendors, we only deliver Oracle Cloud applications. We are experts and specialists in what we deliver to you.​

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