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Oracle Cloud Services​

Unlock Student Potential with Drivestream & Oracle Cloud​​

Oracle’s unified approach to Oracle Student Cloud, HCM, and ERP applications provides an engaging student and faculty experience that is born in the cloud. Engage Drivestream’s extensive cloud implementation experience and you are well positioned for today and tomorrow’s opportunities​

Responding to Today’s Challenges​

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has created disruptive and lasting change that has impacted all higher education institutions. A key learning: institutions that had already migrated to cloud applications are in an optimal position to respond to the unique demands created by the pandemic.

The Promise of Oracle Cloud in Higher Education

  • Empowers institutions with the most comprehensive solutions for the entire student and employee lifecycle​
  • Unifies cloud services across administration and IT​
  • Delivers an engaging student and faculty experience​
  • Operates with an optimized and secure cloud Infrastructure​
  • Is an extensible platform that is social, mobile, data-driven, and open for easy integration

The Drivestream Difference​

Since the advent of Oracle Cloud in 2012, we have helped 190+ clients in higher education and other industries successfully make the transition to modern cloud applications.​​

We provide our higher education clients with prebuilt tools, templates, and accelerators, that allow us to increase the speed, improve the quality, and reduce the risk associated with an Oracle Cloud deployment. ​

We are 100% focused on Oracle Cloud applications. Unlike other system integrators that provide services for multiple application vendors, we only deliver Oracle Cloud applications. We are experts and specialists in what we deliver to you.​

Drivestream Proprietary Tools​

The key to successful projects is leveraging proven methodologies and tools born out of your industry’s unique challenges. For higher education engagements we bring these proprietary tools to the project in context of your industry:

  • Cloud Implementation Scoping and Planning Workshops​
  • DriveMethod Project Management Platform
  • DS Cloud Integrator for Data​
  • HCM/ERP/SIS Cloud Design Templates​
  • Prebuilt Reports and Interfaces

The benefit of our proprietary approach is the speed and skill that allows you to gain the greatest value out of Oracle Cloud applications.​

Drivestream Services​

Whether you are ready to launch a full cloud transformation or begin your migration to the cloud in a limited manor, we have the services to meet your needs.

Oracle Cloud Transformation Services:

  • Cloud transformation Assessment​
  • Business Process Design​
  • Organizational Change Management​
  • Data Strategy

Oracle Cloud Implementation Services:

  • Application Configuration​
  • Data Conversion​
  • Integrations, Workflow, Security & Reports​
  • Application Testing
  • End User Training

Support Services for Oracle Cloud:

  • Production Break-Fix
  • Upgrade & Regression Testing Support
  • Enhancements​
  • Milestone Services

Business Process Outsourcing Services:

  • Tax Reporting Processes
  • Direct Deposit/ACH Processing
  • Check Signing, Printing, & Sealing
  • Full Payroll Processing

Working with Drivestream to deploy your Higher Ed Oracle Cloud applications helps you embark on your technological transformation that delivers campus experiences designed to increase student success, improve outcomes, and drive new innovations and discoveries. Your institution will be empowered with the most comprehensive solutions for Higher Ed campuses today.

Oracle Better
Together Award

at the Oracle Modern Finance Experience 2017 for “fruitful integration of Oracle ERP Cloud with other Oracle Cloud Solutions”.

Oracle Sustainability
Innovation Award

at the Oracle Excellence Awards for reducing energy consumption and e-waste by decreasing hardware purchases and maintenance.


Shawnee State University is one of Ohio’s youngest universities. Its sprawling 62-acre campus hosts over 3000 full time and part time students, providing a range of high-quality programs at affordable rates​

Shawnee had an extensively manual HR and information system, multiple access and edit constraints, complex third-party vendor integration and delays and errors with basic output.​​

Switching to Oracle Cloud allowed Shawnee to empower managers and employees via self-service, reduce inefficiencies using automation and facilitate online tracking and timely delivery to make full use of its human capital.​

Key Results

Higher Education Cloud Services Subscription​​

Drivestream is leading the market with an industry first All-inclusive Cloud Services Subscription. We understand the financial pressures faced by Higher Ed institutions. We believe you should be able to acquire your services the same manner you purchase your cloud applications – with a subscription.​

With typical service provider agreements, you can expect to spend 75% of the Total Cost of Ownership within the first 9 months of the subscription. We believe the service costs should align with the length of the application subscription and at the same time, the service provider stays engaged for the life of the subscription.

Introducing Drivestream’s All-Inclusive Cloud Services Subscription​

  • No Upfront Implementation Costs: As an invested partner, we implement for free, in return for a 5-year application management services contract.
  • Ongoing Support: The support you need for better user adoption and faster return on investment. We enhance your systems for the duration of the subscription.
  • Optimized Cash Flow: A fixed monthly subscription for all Oracle Application services. No upfront cash requirements.
  • Reduced Operational Risk: You work with one service provider for the entire life of the subscription.

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