Drivestream provides Oracle cloud consulting services and solutions which enable organizations of all sizes to seamlessly transition to the cloud.
Since our inception in 2002, we have built a reputation in the industry for innovative approaches to solving complex business and technical challenges.
Today, the Drivestream brand is synonymous with thought leadership, premium solutions, outstanding value and peerless customer service.

Since the advent of Oracle Cloud in 2012, Drivestream has helped 100+ clients across a wide range of industries successfully make the cloud transition. Augmented by innovative tools and an iterative methodology, our strategic advice and tactical support spans all business-critical processes.


In our extensive interaction with universities, we found that data continues to dominate the administrative landscape – whether to secure funding or increase operational efficiency, improve graduation rates or cut total costs. Managing data across disparate systems is expensive, laborious and time-consuming – and delivers results that are often too slow or ambiguous to be relevant.

The Cloud offers a single unified platform that delivers accurate data and meaningful insights at a fraction of the cost of on-premise applications – while saving hundreds of man-hours. If you are looking for cutting-edge technology that is accessible, affordable and optimized to precisely serve your institutional needs, the Cloud is your one-stop solution.

If you are wondering whether the cloud will be a good fit for your institution, look no further. Drivestream offers a Cloud Migration Assessment (CMA) that provides a 360° view of what it takes to move your business processes, integrations and reports to the cloud – including in-depth insights into fitment, costs and change management. Make an informed decision.
At Drivestream, we understand the importance of financial prudence. With the help of our TCO Calculator – a powerful tool that calculates the reduction in Total Cost of Ownership when you migrate your applications to the Cloud – we use real-world client data to provide a clear picture of your estimated savings in easy-to-understand terms, giving you a precise view of the Cloud transition.
The Cloud comes with a host of benefits for students. It provides a simplified, powerful self-service portal that enables students to take charge of their academic life. It helps universities track the progress of students more effectively, allowing for timely interventions to improve retention and graduation rates. It provides the seamless digital infrastructure required to seek performance based funding, simplifies communication and greatly improves the quality of student services.


Shawnee State


Shawnee State University is one of Ohio’s youngest universities. Its sprawling 62 acre campus hosts over 3000 full time and part time students, providing a range of high quality programs at affordable rates

Shawnee had an extensively manual HR and information system, multiple access and edit constraints, complex third-party vendor integration and delays and errors with basic output.

Switching to Oracle Cloud allowed Shawnee to empower managers and employees via self-service, reduce inefficiencies using automation and facilitate online tracking and timely delivery to make full use of its human capital.

Key results.

Oracle Better
Together Award

at the Oracle Modern Finance Experience 2017 for “fruitful integration of Oracle ERP Cloud with other Oracle Cloud Solutions”.

Oracle Sustainability
Innovation Award

at the Oracle Excellence Awards for reducing energy consumption and e-waste by decreasing hardware purchases and maintenance.



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